ZFS Non-GMO Soybean Receiving Standards

Zeeland Farm Services, Inc. (ZFS) is a leader of non-GMO soybean production in the United States. We produce non-GMO soybean meal and soybean oil, and also offer extensive options of non-GMO soybean seed varieties. All non-GMO products undergo extensive third-party testing and a rigorous Identity Preservation (IP) process from start to finish to ensure products meet the end-users’ specific needs. Production facilities and processing procedures at ZFS are inspected annually and certified non-GMO by Cert ID LC d/b/a FoodChain ID .

ZFS is a member of the National Grain and Feed Association (“NGFA”) and fully supports NGFA’s position that the marketing and sales of varieties not fully approved for export to essential markets can cause commercial and fiscal damage to commodity handlers and, ultimately, grain producers.  Therefore, ZFS reserves the right to deny delivery of commodities containing transgenic genes and genetic traits not merchantable to U.S. export markets including, but not limited to, Canada, Japan, Mexico, the European Union and China.

ZFS No Saved Seed Policy

ZFS supports a No Saved Seed Policy. Significant investment is put into creating new varieties, and these research endeavors can only continue through the sales of existing varieties. Additionally, non-GMO seed may be patented, and such varieties can be used only for a single commercial crop. The benefits of new seed are numerous, including (1) access to the latest high yielding genetics and treatments available, (2) agronomic support and services (3) reliable quality. ZFS does not warrant seed carried over into the next planting season.

Seed Services

ZFS’ specialty soybean program is dedicated to supplying you with value-added products. We are a full-service seed supplier and offer:

    • ZFSelect® specialty soybean seeds
    • DF Seeds soybean seed
    • Partners Brand corn seed
    • Blue River® organic seed
    • Dairyland® seed
    • Competitive seed pricing for cover crops, wheat and alfalfa

Visit our wheat seed varieties page here.

ZFSelect® 2022 Non-GMO Soybean Seed Varieties

ZFSelect premium soybean varieties provide an opportunity for additional value to a producer’s soybean crop.  Tested at every stage in production to ensure industry standards for purity, these soybean varieties are chosen to perform in Michigan’s varied environments and soils.  By being industry connected, accessing outstanding genetics, and being vigilant on our evaluations, ZFSelect will continue to give producers excellent processor approved options.

ZFS offers a wide variety of non-GMO soybean seeds to meet the needs of growers throughout the region. ZFS carries a complete line of ZFSelect non-GMO seeds, and our experts can match seeds with soil conditions and climate to ensure the highest yield potential. The ZFSelect seed line consistently performs well in plot trials throughout Michigan.

ZFSelect Variety Relative Maturity Benefit 2022 Premium
1721 1.7 High protein producer Call for premium
2221 2.2 Trial plot champion Call for premium
2721 2.7 Outstanding yield stability Call for premium

Seed Treatment Information

ZFSelect® seeds are offered untreated or with two optional treatments for all varieties.

Base – Three fungicides, nematicide and inoculant
IM+Base – Four fungicides, insecticide, nematicide and inoculant

Packaging Information

All ZFSelect® seed varieties are available in bags or totes. All varieties are bagged by seed count. All seed sizes are estimates.

Soyleic® High Oleic 2022 Soybean Seed Varieties

Soyleic® Variety Relative Maturity Benefit 2022 Premium
24019HO 2.4 Handles stress well Call for premium
2521HO 2.5 Competitive across environments Call for premium
2819HO 2.8 Improved yield in maturity Call for premium

Soyleic® is a trademark of Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council, and is used her with permission. The high oleic soybean trait in these seeds was made possible by Missouri soybean farmers and their checkoff.

Agronomy Services

The ZFS Seed Division of Zeeland Farm Services, Inc. brings a strong combination of agricultural education and practical in-the-field experience to its customers. ZFS Seed Division employees help provide growers with the opportunities for high yielding, quality crops by matching seed varieties to specific geographic regions and soil conditions.

Organic Corn and Soybean Seed

ZFS is proud to be a deal of Blue River® Hybrids to offer a selection of organic corn and soybean seeds. Blue River is a recognized leader in the organic seed industry with more than 10 years experience providing non-GMO hybrid genetics. Extensive plot testing across the country proves that Blue River organic seeds yield on par with conventional corn and soybean seeds. Visit Blue River® Organic Seed to view yield results.


Non-GMO Soybean Plot Results 2020

Maturity MSU Ingham (South) MSU Lenawee MSU Saginaw MSU Ingham (Central) Dansville, MI
DF Seeds
Best of best
Hope, MI
Farm Plot
St. Louis, MI
Organic Farm Plot
<2.0 Maturity
DF 151 N 1.5 54.4 66.4 45.2 47.0
ZFS 1721 1.7 56.8 57.5 45.7
DF 187 N 1.8 52.4 59.9 60.2 44.6 51.1
2.0-2.5 Maturity
DF 201 N 2.0 51.0 58.2 49.3 39.4 53.5
ZFS 1821 2.1 51.5 50.6 54.0 56.9 50.7
DF210 N 2.1 54.5 56.9 50.7
ZFS 2221 2.2 53.7 55.6 61.2 60.2
DF 227 N 2.2 57.9 62.4 59.0 46.2 55.3
DF 231 N 2.3 58.0 53.9 63.0 48.1 62.5
<2.5 Maturity
ZFS 1326 2.6 60.0 54.3 60.2 59.0 56.8
DF 155 F 2.6 57.8 61.2 59.7 51.1 41.9 53.0
DF 260 N 2.6 65.6 61.8 60.0 65.5 61.9 36.0 61.5
ZFS 2721 2.7 58.7 60.0 60.6 57.3 61.9
DF 317 N 3.1 62.8 61.4 66.7
Blue River Organic
B.R. 17Y993 1.7 56.8 57.5 45.7
B.R. 20Y993 2.0 46.2
B.R. 22DC6 2.2 60.0
Location Average 55.7 55.8 55.8 56.8 53.3 41.2 50.2

Ben Glass

Seed Division and
Specialty Program Manager

Brooke Zeldenrust

Seed Division Accountant
Specialty Program Coordinator

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