Non-GMO ingredients available domestically and for export

Zeeland Farm Services is at the forefront of non-GMO soybean production in the United States. We produce non-GMO soybean meal and soybean oil for use both domestically and for the export market, and also offer extensive options of non-GMO soybean seed varieties.

All of our non-GMO products undergo extensive third-party testing and go through a rigorous Identity Preservation (IP) process from start to finish, ensuring the purest products possible to meet the end-users’ specific needs.

Our production facilities and processing procedures at ZFS are inspected annually and have been certified non-GMO by Cert ID LC d/b/a FoodChain ID .

Zeeland Farm Services is one of the leading exporters of non-GMO soy products in the U.S. We annually export more than 50,000 tons of soybeans, soybean meal and soybean oil throughout the world, with a concentration in the Pacific Rim. In 2009, ZFS was named Michigan Ag Exporter of the Year by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

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Soybean Meal

ZFS Non-GMO soybean meal

Zeeland Farm Services produces non-GMO soybean meal for both human consumption and animal feed. We export about 50,000 tons of non-GMO meal each year, much of which is further processed into soy sauce.

Domestically, non-GMO soybean meal for feed is one of our fastest growing product segments as producers seek a reliable source of protein for their non-GMO herds and flocks.

Non-GMO Soybean Meal

Soybean Oil

ZFS Non-GMO soybean oil

ZFS is an industry leader in the development and prodcution of non-GMO soybean oil, offering a variety of products for both the food services and retail markets.

ZFS is the producer of Zoye® Premium Vegetable Oil, the only non-GMO, low-staturated fat vegetable oil offered in the United States. Zoye has half the saturated fat of regular vegetable oil and half the saturated fat of olive oil, but with a much higher smoke point.

Non-GMO Soybean Oil


ZFS Non-GMO soybeans_1

Zeeland Farm Services exports non-GMO soybeans to the Pacific Rim and European markets, where the beans are further processed for use in food products for human consumption. As the demand for non-GMO products increases,  ZFS will continue to be at the forefront of these ever-expanding markets.

Non-GMO  Soybeans

Soybean Hulls

ZFS Non-GMO soybean hulls

Soybean hulls are a great source of needed fiber in an animal’s diet, and the non-GMO hulls from ZFS are a great way to ensure purity throughout the food chain. The soybeans, including the hulls, are Identity Preserved through the entire production process at Zeeland Farm Services to make certain non-GMO products do not mix with GMO items.

Non-GMO Soybean Hulls

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