Continuing its support of renewable energy, Zeeland Farm Services, Inc. is making E85 ethanol available at its corporate campus through Anew Fuel Services.

Anew is selling E85 under the Yellow Hose program and pledges to keep the price of E85 at least 70 cents per gallon lower than the price of regular gasoline.

Anew is an unmanned fuel center open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, located about a block south of the ZFS corporate office building on 84th Avenue.

First-time customers must view a 90-second training video to learn how the pumping system works and are then issued a two-digit ID number that coincides with the credit card used for fueling. From that point forward, customers can simply swipe their card, enter their ID number and fill up at a great savings.

Quick Facts:

  • E85 is an alternative fuel for use in flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs).
  • There are currently more than 15 million FFVs on America’s roads and automakers are rolling out more each year.
  • When E85 is not available, FFVs can operate on any ethanol blend up to 85 percent.
  • E85 is a clean-burning, high-octane fuel produced from renewable sources.
  • At its most basic, ethanol is grain alcohol, produced from crops, such as corn.
  • Because it is domestically produced, ethanol helps reduce America’s dependence upon foreign sources of energy.

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