Hard Rail Car Unloaders

ZFS is pleased to announce that we have added two new hard rail car unloaders to our expanding list of investments designed to save our customers time and money.

As DDGs, soybean meal and other aggregate materials travel during rail transport, they tend to solidify, making them difficult to unload, leading to costly delays. Our new unloader system presents a cost-effective solution for efficient unloading of aggregate materials. The huge arm reaches down into hopper cars to loosen materials that have settled in the rail car, freeing the payload to be unloaded quickly.

ZFS has hard rail car unloaders in Cadillac, Mich. and De Soto, Ga., and can hit the CSX or NS rail lines.

ZFS hard rail cars Michigan Georgia 2
ZFS hard rail cars Michigan Georgia

The hard rail car unloader is specifically used for grains, such as DDGs and other aggregate unloading. It is quiet and has a low impact on the cars.

Hard rail car unloader benefits are:

  • Specifically designed and manufactured for unloading rail cars and hopper cars, virtually eliminating damage to the railroad car
  • Heavy duty construction enhances reliability and endurance
  • Eliminates the need for personnel in the car, which dramatically increases safety and reduces injury/WC issues

These benefits translate into saved time and money bringing our products to our customers faster at a better price.

For more info contact Shannon C. @ 616.748.1871