Non-GMO Soybean Seed

ZFS Non-GMO soybeans

Zeeland Farm Services offers a wide variety of non-GMO soybean seeds to meet the needs of growers throughout the region. ZFS carries a complete line of ZFSelect non-GMO seeds, and our experts can match seeds with soil conditions and climate to ensure the highest yield potential. The ZFSelect seed line consistently performs well in plot trials throughout Michigan.

Visit the ZFSelect seed web page for our Non-GMO plot results and more details about the seed varieties ZFS offers.

Non-GMO Soybean Seed

Organic Corn and Soybean Seed

ZFS Organic Corn Seed
ZFS Organic Soybean Seed

Zeeland Farm Services is proud to partner with Blue River Hybrids to offer a selection of organic corn and soybean seeds. Blue River is a recognized leader in the organic seed industry with more than 10 years experience providing non-GMO hybrid genetics. Extensive plot testing across the country proves that Blue River organic seeds yield on par with conventinal corn and soybean seeds.

Organic Corn & Soybean Seed

For more information on our Non-GMO products you can reach Ben Glass, Seed Division and Specialty Program Manager @ 616.772.9042.

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